Everyone is creative. Yes, I mean you!

wearing vintage necklace and pointing to you

You are creative, yes you are! Often I hear things like, “You are so creative -I’m just not!” Though the first part of this is a sweet compliment the second part makes me want to S-C-R-E-A-M!

I believe we are all creative - it’s just a matter of where and how your creativity is expressed. Perhaps you love to cook a delicious meal, adding your own flourish to each dish. Maybe you love arranging flowers or plant seasonal blooms in pots and arrange them on a patio or by your front door. Are you a problem solver, either in your home or place of work? That takes creative thinking! Everyone is creative.

My own creativity is expressed through my jewelry - especially through assemblage pieces like Hummingbird and Jardin. But design a flower arrangement, update an old table with paint, or create a festive gathering? No, I am most definitely not creative in those areas! How do you express your own creativity?

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