Wishbone necklace

I remember being so excited to break the wishbone with one of my brothers when I was a young girl, but I never guessed at its long and fascinating history!

The ancient Etruscans in Italy were believed to be the first to use the wishbone for luck. They believed that birds had the ability to predict the future, and by pulling apart the wishbone they could transfer the bird's powers of prediction to themselves.

Later, the Romans adopted this practice and as the Roman Empire grew, so did the tradition of the wishbone. The Romans called the breaking of the wishbone "merrythought" as they believed (as did I as a young girl!) that whoever was left with the larger piece would have their wish granted.

Today in the United States the breaking of the wishbone is a familiar Thanksgiving tradition in many households (though we did it whenever we had chicken!). Next time you partake in this tradition, remember the long journey this little bone has traveled in history!

And if you'd like to wear a bit of history, see my repurposed Wishbone Necklace which was created using a vintage wishbone pin!

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