Which Necklace Would A Gilded Age’s Bertha Russell Wear?

Did you enjoy Season 2 of The Gilded Age as much as I did? I loved every minute of every episode - the plot, the characters, the locations, the costumes! And though writer Julian Fellowes included a variety of delightful story lines, I enjoyed the path leading to the opening of the Metropolitan Opera House best. The conflict between Mrs. Russell and Mrs. Astor was thoroughly entertaining. I even poured myself a sip of champagne to enjoy the oh-so-elegant and opulent final scene!

Previously, I've written about my dreams of period drama characters wearing my jewelry designs, and I plan to have a lot of fun with this series too. First up (because she would probably insist upon it!) is Bertha Russell.

Bertha and George are quite the power couple - she always striving to be accepted by the old money society and he managing his millions. Naturally, each ensemble Bertha wears is breathtaking, so for her I’ve chosen one of my most striking pieces, Juliet. I like to think she’d choose to wear it to the opening of the Metropolitan Opera House . . .

BUT she has not yet claimed it! So to prevent yet another conflict with Mrs. Astor (you know they’d fight over this necklace) you can claim it for yourself right here! 

Stay tuned for more dreams of period drama characters wearing TEM jewelry! 

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She would pick the buckle and she would wear it to tea because she can pull it off 😊❤️

Cyndi Nelson

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