Does your jewelry spark a conversation?

purple flower vintage pearl necklace with denim shirtMany years ago while shopping in Nashville, I met a lovely 50+ woman dressed in a simple pair of jeans, shirt, and a jacket - all in subtle, neutral shades. Though tasteful, nothing about her outfit made this gal stand out.

Except for one small detail.

Pinned to the lapel of her jacket was a striking, sparkly and elegant brooch pin. As we struck up a conversation (a striking piece of jewelry can do that!) she shared a tip that has stuck with me ever since. When she plans an outfit, she always tries to include one - and only one - striking detail. And that day it was the pin.

When I design a new piece I like to imagine it as that one striking detail that will make the wearer stand out, perhaps even sparking a conversation that might not have otherwise occurred. See the Purple Vintage Flower Necklace and other statement jewelry pieces here!

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