What’s Your Favorite Color? (Can You Tell What Mine Is?)

model with green scarf and glasses

I’m sure you can tell from the photo that my favorite color is and always has been green! But do you now what the most popular color is (at least in the USA)? Go ahead, take a guess. You’re right, it’s blue!

I’ve no idea how these statistics are calculated, but I do find them interesting. I recently read that the second favorite colors are red and green (makes sense) followed by orange, brown, and purple. Brown? I just would not have guessed that one.

So what is most people's least favorite color? I’ll give you a hint - think sunshine, flowers, lemonade, and baby chicks. That’s right, yellow is considered the least favorite color! 

But just to prove that yellow is a lovely color despite the statistics, check out this cheerful yellow, one-of-a-kind, vintage repurposed necklace!




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