What is a vintage “assemblage” necklace?

I love to create intricate assemblage pieces, but they can certainly be a challenge! You may be wondering . . . what is assemblage? It’s basically is a form of sculpture comprised of “found” pieces arranged in such a way that they create a new, complete object. Any items may be included in an assemblage - whatever catches the artist’s eye and fits into the design as a whole.
What’s the difference between assemblage and a collage?  So glad you asked! An assemblage piece is created with 3-dimensional items, a collage is typically 2-dimensional, or flat. 
Though all of my necklaces are technically assemblage, I have some which are more complex than others. These beauties were quite challenging as I found myself arranging, rearranging, walking away, returning a day (or days!) later with a fresh eye, searching for more pieces, arranging, rearranging . . . I think you get the idea!
Though these pieces aren't the easiest for me to create, once they’re done I do feel a special bond with them. Although, as a rule, I don't play favorites! If you'd like to see some examples of my assemblage necklaces you can find them here: Jardin, Starlight, and Hummingbird.
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