Princess Diana, Swan Lake and Pearls

swan and pearls

What do swans and pearls have in common? Both are known for their beauty and elegance, as was one who showed her appreciation for both in quite a unique way - the iconic beauty herself, Princess Diana.

In 1997, the Princess of Wales attended the British National Ballet’s gala performance of Swan Lake. No one knew it at the time, but it was one of her final public appearances.

For the event, the crown jeweler Garrard created a spectacular custom pearl necklace based on Diana’s own design. Earrings were also created but, sadly, not completed before her untimely death. The set became known as the “Swan Lake Suite."

The necklace features 178 diamonds and five South Sea pearls, and the earrings were created using two matching cultured pearls and six diamonds. Ooh la la!

Dave Benett//Getty Images

I don’t have the honor of designing with diamonds or South Sea pearls myself, I truly hope that when you wear my jewelry you feel the sense of elegance and beauty intended as your piece was being created.

Pearls and swans - timeless symbols of beauty and elegance.

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  • Julie on

    Here is another story oft he illustrious pearl:

    Often depicted in art, many pictures of Chinese dragons show a flaming pearl under their chin or in their claws. The pearl is associated with spiritual energy, wisdom, prosperity, power, immortality, thunder, or the moon. Chinese art often depicts a pair of dragons chasing or fighting over the flaming pearl.

  • Julie Gerner on

    She was the epitome of grace and elegance.

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