Repurposed vintage apricot cameo "sister" pendants

You may think me quirky, but I find it fun to name most of my pieces. I was having a hard time with this pair, so reached out to my executive consulting group (social media followers) for suggestions. Grace and Ruth, Victoria and Caroline, Elizabeth and Victoria, Cecily and Ermine .  . . just to name a few of the great suggestions I received.
But then the magic happened. I felt a slight sizzle as I stared at the posted set of names. They weren’t historical, from a classic novel or period drama as is more typical of the names I choose. But still, simply perfect for this pair. So I’d like to introduce you to . . . drumroll, please . . .Thelma and Louise!
Sometimes we all need a touch of humor, right?
Click here to find the completed necklaces, available as a set or individually.

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