Vintage USA Military buttons to honor someone special

Vintage US Navy gold military buttons

A few weeks ago I received a mysterious surprise package. A dear friend’s husband - seeing that I had created several military button necklaces - sent me his own U. S. Navy buttons. Needless to say, I was humbled to receive these precious bits of history - a small symbol of his years of service to our great country. But what made the package even more special was that he’d included a full accounting of each and every ship he’d served on in his 27 years of service. "With all that sea duty, it's funny the buttons didn't turn green with verdigris from all the saltwater and salt air," he wrote.

Of course, though my friend didn’t request it, I knew I couldn’t accept this generous gift unless I could create a necklace for her out of one of them (see below). God bless America and special friends!

I plan to add the Patriot Collection to my online shop soon. Be sure to add yourself to my list so you'll be the FIRST to know! 

US Navy button necklace with scarf

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