Loving old jewelry and antique photos

Old photo with vintage costume jewelry


I’ve always been fascinated with old family photos and have many around my home. They are great conversation starters!

This is one of my favorites, taken around 1900, and it’s my Grandpa Gilfert who grew up on a farm in northern Iowa. One of the reasons I love this particular photo is because of all the background detail - the pet dog, the rocking horse, the rug, and the painting of the stern, severe woman. I’m not sure who she is, but I think she would have thought the jewels I placed next to the photo frivolous. I do love imagining her wearing a rhinestone or two . . .

The sparkling green and blue treasures next to the photo will soon be transformed into every day wearable jewelry. If you’d like to see them when they’re finished be sure to join my email list!

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