How Did This Jewelry Business Begin?

vintage repurposed pearl necklace with wedgewood blue heart dishThey say everyone loves an origin story. Since I’m frequently asked about mine, I thought I’d take a few moments and share it with you.

When I was a young girl I loved exploring antique and thrift shops with my Mom, always gravitating to the sparkling treasures jumbled in bowls and displayed in grand glass cases.

As I grew older many vintage baubles were passed down to me by my mother, grandmother, and aunts. Occasionally, I pinned one of the sparkling brooches to my coat or donned a pair of rhinestone earrings for a special event, but the outdated pieces generally remained tucked away in my dressing table drawer.

It seemed sad that these beauties, once loved by the women in my family, were no longer seen or admired as they had been so many years ago. Sometimes I thought of the stories they could tell - secrets whispered, loves and heartbreaks.

One day I put on an imitation pearl necklace of my grandmother’s - the pearls were simple but the clasp was exquisite. Hmmm. Perhaps I could create a pendant using the clasp and hand-stitch the pearls into a more casual style . . .

So I did exactly that. 

Since then I’ve collected no-longer-loved treasures from around the world and created hundreds of pieces of jewelry with them—each one holding the memory of being worn by a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, or sweet friend.

Recapturing past treasures and creating a new, timeless style to enjoy for years to come—that’s what The Elegant Muse is all about.

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