Handmade means handmade

Crochet swarovski pearl string
Someone once asked me, “Couldn’t you put your pendants on a chain and lower your prices?” The thought was tempting. Between the hours and hours of stitching time AND supply costs I’d save, I had to think about it.
But I didn’t have to think too long.
Hand-stitched pearl chains are, in my mind, a vital part of my designs. This feature enables a sparkly vintage jewel to become an everyday wearable piece - even with jeans and a T-shirt! And I LOVE hand-stitching my luxurious pearls! Sometimes I complete this step in quiet contemplation and other times while watching Downton Abbey, Pride & Prejudice, or some other lovely period drama piece. Why would I give that up?
So yes, I could take a shortcut to save time and money. But I won’t because I believe handmade should, after all, be handmade!

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