A Sneak Peek Behind an Antique Bird Button Necklace

Most of the antique buttons I use have actually been attached to garments and worn 90-130 years ago. Therefore, they're not usually pretty on the backside. (If I were that age, I'm sure my backside wouldn't be too pretty either!)

But some of these buttons do have a lovely back, so I like to share them when I can before attaching the button to its base.

The reverse side of this lovely antique bird button has engraved, "T. W. & W." as well as the words, "Brevete" and "Paris." A little bit of research revealed that the button was manufactured by Trelon, Weldon, & Weil in Paris and the design was then patented (brevete).

I think it's fun to have this bit of historical knowledge about Ascent, the golden bird antique button necklace. But it's even more fun to imagine where its button traveled and who wore it, don't you? Find out more about the Ascent necklace here! 



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