You Don’t Know About the Treasure of the Month?

What on earth is the Treasure of the Month program, and how did it start?

When we were all sequestered during the pandemic, I thought it would be a good time to add pieces to my website. This is a lengthy process for me - photos, edits, descriptions, etc. - but when would I have more time?

To keep myself motivated I decided it would be fun to discount one of these new pieces each month. Since I don’t normally do sales, this quickly became a special event for my subscribers (because they were and are always notified first!).

To my surprise (I thought everyone was more interested in the latest mask styles than jewelry!) my subscribers loved the program and wanted me to continue it even after things started opening up. To this day, most Treasures of the Month are claimed within the first hour of the email being sent out - thank you, dear subscribers!

If you’d like to join in on the fun and surprise that is the Treasure of the Month, simply click here. 

Thanks for reading and have an elegant day!

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