What happens when you wear your favorite color?

I love green. I love to wear green, look at green (trees), even drink green (tea). There’s just something about the color green that makes me feel . . . peaceful. 
So is it just me, or is there a psychological reason for my reaction to my favorite color?
Go ahead, take a peek in your own closet and see how all the different colors make you feel. Though culture and experience affect how we feel about colors, there does seem to be some evidence for a psychological impact.  Audrey Stanton, in her article How Does the Color of Your Clothing Affect Your Mood? even includes a cheat sheet of colors and general reactions to them. So next time you want to exude a sense of passion and power, or romance and kindness . . . well, you'll have to read the color cheat sheet to find out what to wear!
P. S. The Simplicity pearl necklace in the photo can be found here
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