Pondering My Love for Autumn!

fall leaves vintage repurposed pearl necklace

Some people spend September grieving for Summer and others ponder the dreaded arrival of Winter. But I like to spend every possible moment soaking up Fall, even if temperatures soar into the 90’s, as it’s my favorite time of year!

Maybe it started when I was young and we shopped for school supplies and new clothes (in Southern California in the 1960’s that meant new dresses!) Or maybe it was annual apple picking, pumpkin carving, trick-or treating and the Thanksgiving gathering of family.  Whatever the seed was that blossomed into my love for Fall, I plan to keep on holding it close until it’s time to sing “Jingle Bells!”

The necklace in the photo, part of my personal collection, was created using a vintage earring. Don’t you think its wearer must have adored the Fall season as much as I? I have many new one-of-a-kind designs coming this Fall, so be sure to join my list and be the first to see them!

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