Why "Esther Denham" from Sanditon might wear an antique equestrian button necklace

antique horse button pearl necklace

Warning: Slight spoiler alert if you haven't seen Season 2! Esther Denham is complicated - which is why she's one of my favorite Sanditon characters. Misused and manipulated in Season 1 by the devious Sir Edward, she finally finds an honorable love and we get to see her true heart in the second season. I confess to shedding a few tears on her behalf but I won't give that moment away!

On a lighter note, one of my favorite scenes from the first season is when she grabs the reins of the horse pulling a carriage from Lord Babington and starts them barreling down the shore! So my choice of jewelry for Esther would be Steed, an antique button horse necklace which was originally a brooch pin. Learn more about this unique-as-Esther necklace here.


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