A Grandmother’s Antique Ballerina Pin Transformed

Antique 2 ballerinas pin with pearls

Can you make a necklace for me from my grandmother’s pin?

I confess, I get a little shiver of excitement when I’m asked something like this. I love to wear pieces made with my own mother's and grandmother’s jewelry, so it’s always a special honor to create one for someone else.

Once I saw her pin I was even more excited. It contained figures of two ballet dancers. The client’s daughters were both ballet students, so the pin was special to her for that reason as well.

As soon as I had the pin in my possession, I found myself naming the dancers “Mimi” and "Fifi” - Fifi was particularly troublesome as her tiara was bent and much of her tutu paint had worn off.

A bit of straightening, a fresh coat of paint, a backdrop of filigree and Mimi and Fifi were ready to make their debut performance.

If you have a special treasure you'd like to bring back to life and wear again, I'd love to hear from you!  Please email me at suzanne@theelegantmuse.com.

Ballerina pearl necklace

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