Sweet Words of Encouragement


Our lives are incredibly busy. So when someone takes the time to send a review I feel incredibly blessed. As a one-woman-show I don’t have anyone nearby to say,
Oh, I love how that came out!” or
You might want to rethink THAT design . . .”
I simply rely on my own taste, gut feeling, sales, and words from sweet clients like this one. 
Here’s her entire review:
I now own 5 necklaces from The Elegant Muse. My new one, which was a Treasure of the Month, is now my new favorite. It is absolutely stunning. But the beautiful thing about Suzanne’s jewelry is that it can be worn for any occasion. I just wore this necklace to a Labor Day cookout with a tee shirt and a jean skirt. I look forward to wearing it many more times and ways!! I ordered this necklace on Monday and received it in Montana on Saturday. Ordering is so easy and quick (maybe too easy and quick!)
Thank you for taking a precious few moments out of your day to write this, sweet Montana gal and all of you who've done the same. I treasure your kind words and return to them whenever that ole self doubt starts to rear its ugly head into my mind! 

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