Birthstone Vintage Upcycled Pearl Necklace

green peridot vintage necklace

Can you create a peridot vintage piece for my sister’s August birthday?

The real question was, did I have a vintage piece with peridot stones? Green happens to be my favorite color, but I’ve found I’m in the minority about that!

Sifting through my treasure trove I found exactly one piece with the lustrous light-green peridot hue. 

It was originally an earring, so I removed the clip, did some sanding, and added a piece to make the backside a bit more elegant. Then, hand stitching onto a string of delicate pearls, this one-of-a-kind vintage August birthstone necklace was done!

It’s honestly a joy to transform these exquisite old treasures into something that can be worn with today’s styles. Be sure to join my list to be the first to see the latest one-of-a-kind heirloom treasures as they become available!

        repurposed vintage earring green peridot


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  • Suzanne on

    Thank you, Mary – I’m so glad you love your necklace!

  • Mary Hodge on

    I’m the lucky recipient of this gorgeous necklace and I absolutely love it! Thank you for making such a meaningful piece of jewelry for me. My sister, Chris, had the great idea for it, and you had the creativity to make it! Thank you again!

  • Julie Gerner on

    Beautiful. I love green too!

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