Celtic cross custom chaplet

Green jade chaplet with sterling cross
When Lori from Massachusetts asked me to create a chaplet for her, my first response was, “Sure!” And my second, “What is a chaplet?”

Though not Catholic, I was familiar with rosaries and had even made one for a client. But I had no idea what a chaplet was; so I did a bit of research, and she filled me in on the details of the design she wanted. 

I learned that a chaplet - also known as Anglican prayer beads or a pocket rosary - is simply a tool used to help deepen and transform personal devotions into a richer spiritual experience.
The design of a chaplet and the choice of prayers are both flexible - one may choose to pray through each and every bead or simply hold the beads while in prayer. The design and order of the beads is also a personal choice. The important thing is to feel comfortable and relaxed, be in the present moment and be able to immerse oneself in the experience of communicating with God. A joy, indeed!
If you have a special beaded jewelry design in mind, please feel free to contact me at suzanne@theelegantmuse.com - I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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