Vintage Style Dangle Earrings are SO Light Weight - Even I Can Wear Them!

vintage style antique gold dangle earrings with black jasper

In my younger days I always wore dangle earrings. I loved the sweep and movement of them, especially when I wore my hair up (which was most of the time as I was a ballet dancer!)

As I grew older I just didn’t like the weight of dangle earrings so opted for posts (pearls, of course). But then came the idea for my Belle Earrings. So lightweight I hardly know I have them on! Named after my dear daughter (and not the Disney princess!) I love their movement, their warm antique gold tone, and the pearl or black jasper drops at the bottom. Welcome back to my life, dangle earrings! Grab a pair for yourself here! (available in Pearl or Black Jasper)

assorted colors belle dangle earrings





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