Vintage Porcelain "Mother" Brooch Transformed into a Necklace

painted porcelain necklace mother and child

I love browsing through antique and consignment shops, trying to imagine the pieces of jewelry updated to wear out and about in today’s world. This piece was actually spotted by one of my ballet students, who happened to be inside the same shop as I was with her mother. 

“Look, Mrs. Paynter, this would work with your jewelry!” I didn’t even know she knew about my jewelry. How could I not buy the piece? (see the original piece below)

And I’m so glad I did. It was a beautifully painted piece but set in a way that, in my opinion, cheapened its artistry. So I reset it into a frame much more suitable, surrounded it with sparkle and stitched it onto a chain of creamy pearls.

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painted porcelain brooch piece

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