Jane Austen, a quiz, and romantic jewelry

Fuschia vintage piece necklace with Jane Austen book
Sometimes I just can't settle on a good book to read. After reading chapter one of 3-4 books I put them aside and find myself returning to a well-loved classic. I don't believe the lack of settling has anything to do with the books I'm trying to read, but simply a result of my current state of mind. If I feel distracted or stressed, I simply crave a predictable (only because I've already read it!) plot with richly drawn characters, a lovely setting, and quality writing that's survived the test of time. Jane Austen’s works are usually my “go to” choice, and they never disappoint.
Though Austen only penned six novels, each of them is worthy of multiple reads for their clever wit, delightful cast of characters, and dreamy settings. And speaking of Austen characters, here is a fun quiz for you Which Jane Austen Heroine are You? If you take it repeatedly until it declares you Elizabeth Bennett, no judgement from me - wink, wink. Enjoy!
P. S. Click here if you'd like to learn more about the Sparkling Rose pearl necklace shown in photo (which I like to imagine any Austen heroine would adore!) 

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