A Kind, Sweet Surprise!

Have you performed a kindness lately or been the recipient of one? Blame it on the media, but I think far too often all we hear is the bad stuff. So when we are the recipients of a kindness done, I think it’s important to shout about it from the rooftops (or write a blog post) to share it with others and, hopefully, encourage and bless them in the process.

I recently received an email from a sweet woman named Cynthia. She had recently lost her Mom, was a fan of my work, and wondered if I’d like to have some of the jewelry pieces that had belonged to her Mom.

I stared at that email for quite a long time.

I’d lost my own precious Mom two years ago. The wound of that loss was still fresh. This sweet gesture filled me with compassion for her as a daughter having also experienced the loss of her Mom - and amazement and gratitude that she’d considered passing these treasures onto me, a complete stranger. 

I received her treasures, carefully unwrapping each one and reading the notes she’d included explaining anything she knew about the pieces. Notes like “Mom’s favorite color was purple” tucked in with two purple brooch pins, and “I was with them when Dad bought these for Mom . . ,” with a pair of tiny glass birds.

I love what I do, and I’m thankful every day that I’m able to do it. And it’s people like Cynthia who help me to understand that what I do - even if it is just making jewelry - actually can touch another’s heart and perhaps, even in a small way, make a difference in this sometimes confusing, chaotic world.

Be kind. Bless another.

Thanks for reading. 

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  • Judith (Judy) Derrico on

    Such a nice story. Cynthia, certainly was a generous soul. You must have touched her in some special way. She knew that you would appreciate the sentimental value of her Mom’s jewelry. I imagine this gave Cynthia’s great satisfaction knowing they would be appreciated and possibly reused in some way that would be meaningful. This meant more to her than any monetary value.
    As a side note: I now have three of your necklaces, two with medallions and one plain
    pearl necklace. I have asked you before if you could/ would make a separate hanging medallion or charm that could be hung from my plain necklace. Perhaps one or two of these gifted pieces from Cynthia could be adapted into such a charm that could be clipped onto a necklace.

  • Julie Gerner on

    How sweet. And yes we all need to be kinder and extend blessings to those who need it most. Hugs!

  • Lori on

    Suzanne, this is such a blessing of a story. People are kind. And people do kind things. Lovely.
    One thing, my friend. Never say, “Just making jewelry.” What you do is make tangible acts of love. They remind people of things. They MEAN something. I carry my chaplet that you so kindly created for me years ago, It’s with me every day. It reminds me of kind people…like you. Never “Just.” Perhaps it’s “Especially.” You especiall make jewelry that matters to people. Thanks for you.

  • Beth Grant on

    What a wonderful story!

  • Carolyn McGee on

    There are so many ways to share beauty….you do it in all of your creations. The gift of beauty and sweetness this woman shared with you was exquisite. Thank you for sharing!

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