Which necklace would Jane Austen’s “Charlotte Heywood” wear in Sanditon?

vintage gold heart locket pearl necklace

(Warning! Slight spoiler alert if you haven't seen Season 1!)

Have you been watching Season 2 of PBS Masterpiece's Sanditon? I confess, I was so - dare I say - vexed by the ending of the first season I almost didn't tune in. But I'm thrilled that I did. 

The second season is much improved from the first - I think even Jane Austen herself would be pleased. Miss Charlotte Heywood shows the resilience of youth after her heart is broken and she ventures on to find new acquaintances in the picturesque coastal resort of Sanditon. 

In my dreams all of my favorite period drama characters wear The Elegant Muse jewelry. So which piece do you think Charlotte Heywood would wear best? I’m thinking Cherish, a lovely heart locket necklace would suit her perfectly. The only question is, whose picture would she tuck inside?

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charlotte heywood from sanditon


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