3 reasons why I design with Swarovski pearls

Swarovski cream pearls crochet
What’s so special about Swarovski pearls? Let’s face it, there’s a wide range of choices available - from rare, unique, and costly cultured pearls created within an oyster or mollusk, to cheap plastic strings hanging in the big box stores - and many choices in between!
I want my clients to have the highest quality, most visually appealing, longest lasting pearls available and at an affordable price - so I always use Swarovski, a family owned business founded in 1895. Here are three reasons why:
1. Process Each pearl begins with a heart, or core, of the finest Austrian crystal which gives it a realistic weight and warmth to your skin as with natural pearls. The core is then coated with multiple layers - a unique process developed by Swarovski that gives the pearls an unparalleled, lustrous shimmer and glow which appears to radiate from within the pearl itself! This crystal core and coating technology combination sets Swarovski pearls apart from all other pearls
2. Practicality Unlike other simulated pearls, Swarovski pearls are washable and resistant to scratches or damage from perfumes, perspiration, or UV rays.
3. Passion As with costly, cultured pearls, the temperature of Swarovski pearls changes to reflect the temperature of your skin. The color, luster, and feel of Swarovski pearls combine to make you feel elegant and luxurious when you wear them! Why would I choose anything else to design with?
Visit my online shop to see a selection of pieces using these most elegant of pearls.

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