3 reasons to wear pink in the winter

Pink fuchsia rhinestone vintage necklace worn with gray sweater

In the winter I sometimes find my outfits match the weather - grays, blacks, and generally dark. But I’ve noticed that when I wear brighter colors, well . . . I feel brighter. 

Jules Standish, author of How Not to Wear Black says, “Looking at warm, bright colors such as red or pink, releases dopamine - known as the ‘feel good hormone’ - which can improve our mood and heighten the attention span . . .” 

I believe we can all use a boost this winter, so why not try adding a dash of color to your neutrals? After all:

1. Bright colors can help you feel more cheerful.

2. Wearing a bright color draws others’ attention and can give them a lift in mood as well - spread the joy!

3. A bright colored piece of jewelry provides a perfect accent and adds interest to more neutral, darker colors.

And if pink is not your thing, please visit the shop to see the array of colorful treasures that will add a touch of sparkle to your wardrobe. I’m sure spring will be here before we know it . . .


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