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Princes & Roses

Suzanne Paynter

The Rose Adagio from The Sleeping Beauty ballet is considered one of the most notoriously difficult for a ballerina. In the piece, Aurora meets and dances with four potential suitors, each of them presenting her with a rose (thus, the title Rose Adagio).

At the end of the dance, Aurora promenades en pointe in attitude (extending her leg in a high arch behind her) as each prince holds her hand and circles around her, turning her like a figurine in a music box. At the end of each promenade, she must balance on her own as each of the four princes steps in to grab her hand. This is particularly difficult as it occurs at the end of the challenging Rose Adagio AND she has 2 more acts to complete!

Watch Aurelie Dupont from the Paris Opera Ballet perform Rose Adagio (the promenades are about 6.5 minutes in if you’d like to skip ahead).


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