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A Cherished Bracelet

Suzanne Paynter charm bracelet

Did you have a treasured charm bracelet in your youth? I love jewelry with a story and this is a photo of one of my favorites.

Years ago, when my elderly dance teacher, Cora, died she allocated this precious charm bracelet to me. Each charm is engraved with the name of a production she'd participated in, along with the year and even some roles:

  • Finian's Rainbow 1961
  • Oklahoma 1959
  • La Traviata 3-11-61 Corps de Ballet
  • Happy Fella 11-60
  • Die Fledermaus Jan 1961 Corps de Ballet
  • Red Head 1963 "Donnie"
  • The Messiah (the Lord's Prayer beautifully printed inside)
  • Le Carnaval June 1963
  • Carousel 1960-62 Corps de Ballet
I treasure this piece - oh, the stories it could tell! Do you have a charm bracelet tucked away in a drawer? I'd like to encourage you to take it out and wear it - it's a piece of jewelry with a story to tell!



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